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New possibilities to increase your rental income with Nerja One!

Your rental potential to reach more tenants or more users of your local services can now be maximized.
An advert here on Nerja One gives you the chance to expose your property or services in the best possible way with a choice of possibilities:

You can choose in-between taking part on the English or Swedish page, or both, under the different posts. 
(if you need a translation; we will help you at no extra cost)
As a standard listing of your object it will be listed on the first level: 
i.e. the part of the site "For Rent", with a photo of your choice that illustrates the qualities of your object, with a short description and contact information such as homepage, telephone or mail address.

If you want a better exposure of your object, you can get your own homepage on this portal, Nerja One, which means you can show more photos, give some more information about your object, more contact information with links to information you think is important; i.e. Map where customers can see where your property is located.
This homepage will be unique for you and you can refer to it i.e. on FaceBook by sharing it and by clicking the link it will lead directly to your page on the portal.

To optimize and take care of all your booking/reservations through this homepage and Nerja One, you can get a booking calendar, where you administrate all requests and updating your booking scheme for what is free or not.
Then you do not need any FaceBook page or homepage, if you want to handle it easier.


With one or more of these alternatives you will be able to take care of your rental situation to a large extent and increase the return on your property.
Your cleaning staff or key handler will have an instrument to see when guests are coming or leaving.
You can save on costs for using agents or companies and getting a much better return than using external help to rent out.

If you want a better exposure for your property or service , we can create a new separate homepage for you with your own domain; i.e.
Then you will have full control and your own homepage will easily be found on this portal or other pages where we connect to or even easier to be found on i.e."Google" with the normal advert and will have a link leading to your own domain.

Here is one exempel: a customer with Nerja Interior wanted a complete exposure of their apartment to maximize and attract customers to their fantastic apartment:
Chaparil no 60, in downtown Nerja..

(The picture is a link set for the page you want on your homepage)

Alternative 3 and 4 will give a maximun exposure. Our customers who have chosen this, have through a normal FaceBook, friends, connections and searches through other pages where we are represented, been able to get an occupancy of 47 out of 52 weeks the first year.
(this succés is of course in a need of exquisite object regarding styling, appearance and general standard of the object compared to pricing; check out how to get a styling with help from i.e. Nerja Interior)

We will also implement a newsletter where we will send out new properties and offers from the participants on Nerja One.
You can then highlight your property and be the most interesting one.

With being represented on Nerja One you will also be visited by searchers looking for other interesting objects on the portal.

You can also have a share function like the one beneath here, which makes it easier to tip about and share your page or object.

We do not store any information regarding your privacy and visit to this page or underlying pages.
There are no further linking that can trace your activity.